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Matthew ChoptuikThe CAP-CRM Prize in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics is awarded to:

Matthew Choptuik, University of British Columbia, for his outstanding contributions to Numerical General Relativity.

Kenneth G. StandingThe CAP Medal for Outstanding Achievement in Industrial and Applied Physics is awarded to:

Kenneth G. Standing, University of Manitoba, for several major accomplishments during his scientific career, mainly his leading development of orthogonal time-of-flight mass spectrometry, his pioneer work in study of large protein multimers and in the characterization of metalloproteins by mass spectrometry. The construction, the commissionning and operation of the University of Manitoba 50 MeV sector-focussed negative hydrogen ion cyclotron.

Louis TailleferThe CAP/DCMMP Brockhouse Medal (for Outstanding Experimental or Theoretical Contributions to Condensed Matter and Materials Physics) is awarded to:

Louis Taillefer, UniversitÚ de Sherbrooke, for pioneering work on the use of heat transport to determine the symmetry of superconducting order parameters and probe the nature of new states of matter.

Anthony KeyThe CAP Medal for Excellence in Teaching is awarded to:

Anthony Key, University of Toronto, for his great enthusiasm in promoting the excellent teaching of Physics as a paramount goal, which impacted on his students, his institution, and the entire Canadian Physics Community.

Michael E. LukeThe CAP Herzberg Medal (for outstanding achievement by a physicist aged 40 or less) is awarded to:

Michael E. Luke, University of Toronto, for for his contributions to heavy quark effective field theory, including "Luke's theorem" which is important in the experimental analysis of heavy quark data.

Arthur B. McDonaldThe CAP Medal for Lifetime Achievement in Physics is awarded to:

Arthur B. McDonald, Queen's University, for his contributions to nuclear astrophysics and fundamental symmmetries in nature, including his leadership in the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory which has established the existence of solar neutrino oscillations.

All recipients were invited to give a plenary lecture during the 2003 CAP Congress at the University of Prince Edward Island from June 8-11. The medals were awarded during the Congress banquet held on 2003 June 10th.