About the CAP

Board of Directors 2016-2017

Prof. Richard MacKenzie, P.Phys.
Université de Montréal
Richard [dot] mackenzie [at] umontreal [dot] ca
Past President 
Prof. Adam J. Sarty, P.Phys.
Saint Mary's University
adam [dot] sarty [at] smu [dot] ca
Dr. Stephen Pistorius, P.Phys.
University of Manitoba, CancerCare Manitoba, and Manitoba Institute of Cell Biology
spistorius [at] cancercare [dot] mb [dot] ca
Vice-President Elect 
Dr. Bruce Gaulin
McMaster University
GAULIN [at] physics [dot] mcmaster [dot] ca
Dr. David Lockwood, P.Phys. 
National Research Council of Canada 
david [dot] lockwood [at] nrc-cnrc [dot] gc [dot] ca  
(until June 2017)
Executive Director 
Mrs. Francine Ford 
Canadian Association of Physicists 
cap [at] uottawa [dot] ca
Director - Professional Affairs 
Mr. Michael O'Neill, P.Phys.
Independent Contractor
lmw [dot] oneill [at] sympatico [dot] ca
(term ends June 2017)
Director - Academic Affairs 
Dr. Donna Strickland
University of Waterloo
strickla [at] uwaterloo [dot] ca
(term ends June 2018)
Director - International Affairs 
Prof. Jens Dilling
jdilling [at] triumf [dot] ca
(term ends June 2017)
Director - Communications 
Dr. Marcello Pavan TRIUMF
marcello [at] triumf [dot] ca
(term ends June 2019)
Director - Student Affairs 
Dr. Corina Andreoiu, P.Phys.
Simon Fraser University
corina_andreoiu [at] sfu [dot] ca
(term ends June 2019)
Director - Science Policy 
Dr. Kristin Poduska 
Memorial University of Newfoundland
kris [at] mun [dot] ca
(term ends June 2018)
Director - Member and Affiliate Services
Dr. Steve Rehse
University of Windsor
rehse [at] uwindsor [dot] ca
(term ends June 2019)
Director - Industrial Affairs
Dr. Ian D'Souza
COM DEV Canada
ian [dot] a [dot] dsouza [at] gmail [dot] com
(appointed to the Board of Directors for one year)