About the CAP

About the CAP

Physicists contribute significantly to Canada's intellectual and economic vitality through their work as researchers and educators in our universities, our government laboratories, and our industrial research laboratories. Since 1945, the Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP) has been the embodiment of our community's efforts to highlight achievements in Canadian physics and to pursue scientific, educational, public policy and communication initiatives that enhance the vitality of our discipline. CAP activities help to inform members of developments in their field. CAP activities help to raise awareness of our field among the youth of Canada, tomorrow's physicists. CAP activities facilitate communication with the public and with those who make funding and policy decisions that affect our profession. Membership in the CAP supports the advancement of Canadian Physics.

Our Mission

  • to provide a forum for physicists to meet and discuss physics
  • to increase the visibility of Canadian Physics, and raise the profile of Canadian Physicists, in Canada and abroad
  • to provide a united voice for physicists on the national scene and to speak out on science policy and funding issues
  • to raise public awareness to the significance of physics for the well-being of our country
  • to encourage young Canadians, both men and women, to study physics


The CAP is governed by a Board of Directors with input from an Advisory Council which is comprised of the Councillors representing membership categoriesDivision ChairsRegional Councillors, a Councillor at Large and the Editor of Physics in Canada.