Committee to Encourage Women in Physics (CEWIP)

The CAP Committee to Encourage Women in Physics (CEWIP) was initiated in 1983 by Professors Jim Megaw and Jim Prentice, who noticed that women were dramatically under-represented in the physics community. This is no less an issue today, for while there have been large shifts in representation of women in fields such as medicine, there are still very few women choosing physics for a career.

CEWIP, whose membership has been composed of both men and women since its inception, has been involved in many activities, including, among other things: 

  • organizing panel discussions at the CAP annual congress on programs that encourage female physicists in Canada, the USA and Mexico, 
  • producing a special issue of Physics in Canada on female physicists in Canada (March/April 1996 issue),
  • proposing female speakers for the CAP Lecture Tour 
  • producing a Directory of Women in Physics in Canada, which was circulated to CEWIP members. 
  • holding a plenary session at the CAP annual congress 
  • organizing a delegation to attend the First International Conference on Women in Physics.