Physics in Canada / La Physique au Canada - 2012 (68.1)

Dr. David Lockwood receives 2011 Lifetime Achievement Award

In August 2011, David J. Lockwood, Secretary/ Treasurer of the CAP, received the 2011 Lifetime Achievement Award of the Canadian Semiconductor Science and Technology Confer-ence. He was presented with the award at the Conference held this year in Vancouver by the Award Committee Chairman, Peter Mascher of McMaster University. Dr. Lockwood was cited "In recognition of over 40 years of outstanding contributions to the generation and dissemination of knowledge related to materials science as revealed by optical spectroscopy". In accepting the award, Dr. Lockwood remarked that he strongly believed that this award, in being given to a National Research Council of Canada scientist, more properly recognized the substantial contributions of NRC staff to semiconductor research and development in Canada over the last 25 years.