Particle Physics Division
About Us

The Division of Particle Physics has a large membership of particle physicists across Canada. PPD activities include an annual meeting and programs at the CAP Congress. The PPD also offers annual student awards for the best presentations and poster at the Congress and for the best thesis in experimental or theoretical particle physics.

We invite students and postdocs to become members of the PPD. Being part of the community will expose you to the broad research program carried ou in Canada and will provide you with opportunities for career advancement.

The PPD membership partly overlap with that of the Institute of Particle Physics of Canada (IPP), an independent body promoting Subatomic Physics (SAP) in Canada.

Mission Statement

Our research focuses on understanding the fundamental particles of the universe and their interactions. The large open questions we are trying to answer center around the origin of mass, the nature of dark matter, what the neutrinos are telling us and the relations between our field and astrophysics or cosmology.

The PPD is committed to support particle physics research and education in particle physics in Canada. It represents a beacon for the community at any time of the year and offers a platform during the yearly CAP congress. PPD also offers networking opportunities to its members and facilitates the dialog and collaboration across sub-disciplines.


Steven Robertson
McGill University
steven [at] hep [dot] physics [dot] mcgill [dot] ca
Alison Lister
University of British Columbia
alister [at] phas [dot] ubc [dot] ca
Past Chair
Christine Kraus
Laurentian University
tine [at] snolab [dot] ca
François Corriveau
McGill University
corriveau [at] physics [dot] mcgill [dot] ca