Canadian Association of Physicists

Canadian Association of Physicists


What is the CAP?

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April 2016

The Canadian Association of Physicists is a broadly-based national network of physicists working in educational, industrial, and research settings. We are a strong and effective advocacy group for support of, and excellence in, physics research and education. We represent the voice of Canadian physicists to government, granting agencies, and many international scientific societies. We are an enthusiastic sponsor of events and activities promoting Canadian physics and physicists, including the CAP's annual congress and national physics journal. We are proud to offer and continually enhance our web site as a key resource for individuals pursuing careers in physics and physics education.

Become a member today!

Becoming a member of the Canadian Association of Physicists is one of the most effective ways that you can demonstrate your support for Canadian physics and Canadian physicists, both by your meaningful participation, and through the use of your financial contribution for support of the many and valuable programs undertaken by the association. Your membership in the CAP confirms you as an involved and active member of the Canadian physics community and ensures that you have a national voice on issues of concern to you as a physicist.  We welcome individual members, joint members (with CIC, COMP, or CASCA), corporate members, departmental members, or institutional members.

Membership has its privileges!

Benefits of membership include a subscription to Physics in Canada, a reduced registration fee for the annual CAP Congress, access to the CAP job-finder, and other benefits as documented on this web site.

Student Membership

Graduate physics students in Canadian universities may join the CAP and receive their first membership year free. Membership is free for undergraduate physics students in Canadian universities.

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