2016 CAP Congress - University of Ottawa, SITE Building (Ottawa, Ontario)

Individual Fees - Non-resident (2016)

CAP Membership Fees for  NON-Canadian Residents (in Canadian dollars)

(Fees for memberships with a start date between Jan.1 and Dec.31, 2016)

Full Member (residing outside Canada but employed in Canada) $193.00
Full Member (permanently residing and employed outside Canada) $103.50
Full Member (reduced postgraduate fee, within 4 years of highest degree) $96.50
Full Member (retired or not gainfully employed) $60.50
Full Member - Graduate Student (beyond first year of graduate study) $52.00
Full Member - Graduate Student (first year of graduate study, if undergraduate in Canada the previous year) FREE
Student Affiliate (undergraduate only, with Physics in Canada subscription) $29.50
Affiliate (regular) $128.50
Affiliate (reduced postgraduate fee, within 4 yrs. of highest degree) $96.50
Affiliate (retired or not gainfully employed) $60.50
Affiliate - High School Teacher $46.00



Additional fees for Division Membership
(Free for Student Members, except CGU)

Canadian Geophysical Union (CGU)- Full members $20.00
Canadian Geophysical Union (CGU)- Student members $10.00
Committee to Encourage Women in Physics (CEWIP) $10.00
Division of Atmospheric and Space Physics (DASP) $10.00
Division of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, Canada (DAMOPC) $5.00
Division of Condensed Matter and Materials Physics (DCMMP) $12.00
Division of History of Physics (DHP) $10.00
Division of Industrial and Applied Physics (DIAP) $6.50
Division of Instrumentation and Measurement Physics (DIMP) $5.00
Division of Nuclear Physics (DNP) $10.00
Particle Physics Division (PPD) $10.00
Division of Physics Education (DPE) $10.00
Division of Physics in Medicine and Biology (DPMB) $10.00
Division of Plasma Physics (DPP) $5.00
Division of Surface Science (DSS) $8.00
Division of Theoretical Physics (DTP) $10.00