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Canadian Organizing Committee

Steering Committee

Michael Steinitz, P.Phys. (Chair), St. Francis Xavier University
Mike Morrow, P.Phys., Memorial University of Newfoundland
Walter Davidson, P.Phys., National Research Council
Francine Ford, Canadian Association of Physicists

Other Committee Members

David Lockwood, P.Phys., National Research Council
Robert Hawkes, Mount Allison University
Joanne O'Meara, University of Guelph
Marcello Pavan, TRIUMF
Brian Turrell, UBC
Tom Tiedge, UBC
Diana Hall, Bell High School, Ottawa
Alastair McIvor, NRC Chalk River
Randall Brooks, Canada Museum of Science and Technology
Richard Epp, Perimeter Institute
Robert Lamontagne, U.Montreal

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