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Einstein: 100 years later, it's still all relative
Shortly after Albert Einstein's arrival at Princeton, where he settled after fleeing Nazi Germany in 1933, a telephone call was taken in the dean's office. "May I speak with Dean Eisenhart, please?" the speaker asked
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Beyond Einstein

World Wide Webcast

A 12-hour live webcast on Einstein's Theory of Relativity... and beyond. Live connections to the largest physics centres around the world. Join us and talk to scientists and Nobel Prize winners. Find out how a young man 100 years ago had a bright idea that completely changed the world in which you live today.

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Check out what events are taking place all over Canada, from String Quartets to the Physics Lecture Series ...You won’t want to miss this! Help us choose the 100 most significant achievements in Canadian physics, plus other ways to get involved.
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This is where you will find information on the Art of Physics competition, and useful links to sites to keep you well informed. Learn more about the exciting field of Physics, including career information!

In 2005 Canada, together with many other nations around the world, will be celebrating the World Year of Physics, under the auspices of the IUPAP (now endorsed by the UN as the International Year of Physics). Each country is arranging their own events to mark this year, which was chosen to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Albert Einstein's three famous publications in Physics on the theory of relativity, quantum theory, and the theory of brownian motion.

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