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Canadian Links

Subtle Technologies is an annual, four-day multidisciplinary event exploring the complex and subtle relationships between art and science. This year Subtle Technologies is joining the international science community in celebrating the World Year of Physics.

The University of Windsor has posted a WYP site displaying local events.

The University of Guelp has posted a local International Year of Physics page that will be updated throughout the year. The page is located at

Memorial University of Newfoundland has a WYP page that will be updated throughout the year. Visit it at

COMP and the Canadian College of Physicists in Medicine have posted a WYP article which can be found at

Triumf has created a WYP 2005 site. Their site features a World Year of Physics 2005 Local Events Calendar displaying events in the Vancouver Region.

International Projects

The following links will take you to the home pages of several international projects that were endorsed by the International WYP2005 Steering Committee and are supported by the Canadian WYP2005 Committee. Click here to go to a full list of international projects (see list below). We invite you to explore this site to learn more about these projects and to participate in those that interest you.

International-Projects Links submitted by visitors

PhysicaPlus Issue No. 4
The Fourth Issue of PhysicaPlus Online, dedicated to WYP 2005, is now in the air. Hebrew and English! Feature articles! WYP info! Culture & Physics! New website interactivities!
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World Year of Physics - Celebratory Focus Issues
This year, declared the `International Year of Physics' by the United Nations to coincide with the 100th anniversary of Einstein's annus mirabilis, will constitute a 12 month international focus on physics. To celebrate the centenary, New Journal of Physics will publish in 2005 three specially invited Focus Issues related to Einstein's groundbreaking work. Featuring contributions from the very leading exponents worldwide, the three collections of original research papers and reviews will form a unique open-access resource in these important areas of physics.

Nature - Year of Physics
Nature joins the celebrations with the publication of this special supplement. Check it out at

Einstein calling
Of all the Einstein-related events planned for academic physicists this year, the Physics 2005 conference (10-14 April, University of Warwick, UK) certainly has the most impressive programme so far. A stellar array of speakers...
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Goals for the year of physics
It will not have escaped the attention of readers that the International Year of Physics has started. We can think of the year as an experiment...
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"Einstein Quotation on the Facade of the Chancellory"
On the northern facade of the German government chancellory in Berlin one can read the words of Albert Einstein: "The state is for the people and not the people for the state"

...In the Einstein year of 2005 more quotations from Einstein will be seen on other ministries and public places following the example of the Chancellory. Einstein's sayings should awake a lasting interest in research, thinking and invention. The Einstein year is a collaborative initiative of the Federal Government, science, business and culture. It is being furthered by investment of 13 Million Euros by the Federal Government and 1.25 Million Euros from the Foundation for Culture.

Translation By: Michael Steinitz

Physics Talent Search.The Physics Talent Search is an international educational project aimed at increasing participation in physics by students ages 10-18. Young people from around the world will be honored as "Physics Young Ambassadors."The goal of the United States Physics Talent Search (USPTS) is to create participation in physics among young people and their families. It is a part of the International Physics Talent Search for the World Year of Physics 2005.

Click on the link above and pass the word to young students, friends and family members who are interested and enthusiastic about physics!

Submit an Article.With the International Year of Physics due to start next month, physicists need to be able to explain how their subject relates to other people. Michael Berry gives two examples and calls for more from the physics community.Read Michael Berry Articles on here

About the author: Michael Berry (Homepage) is a Royal Society research professor at the H H Wills Physics Laboratory, Bristol University, UK.

Stories in Physics. Well told stories are a compelling way to reach students and adults, and stories about physics can do much to make physicists and their work better understood, and to convey the excitement of real scientific research. This project will challenge scientists and science educators world-wide to share their best stories with students and teachers of all cultures and nationalities.

Click on the link to find out how you can get involved, or contact Fred Hartline.

Playing Physics. Children are curious by nature. And curiosity is the main root of the human interest in the sciences at large and in physics in particular. The best way for developing infant curiosity towards serious scientific activity is playing. Therefore all projects of the world year of physics will also deal with the question how to convert the specific of the project into toys and games, thus opening the fascination of physics to kids of all ages.

Click on the link to find out how you can get involved, or contact Masno Ginting and Max E. Lippitsch.

Einstein@Home - An American Physical Society initiative.
Einstein@Home is a project developed to search data from the Laser Interferometer Gravitational wave Observatory (LIGO) in the US and from the GEO 600 gravitational wave observatory in Germany for signals coming from rapidly rotating neutron stars, known as pulsars.

Click on the link to find out how you can get involved, or contact Vinaya Sathyasheelappa of the APS.

Pierelli Relativity Challenge 2005. Following the UN's invitation to celebrate the World Year of Physics in 2005, the Pirelli Group has launched-besides the traditional Pirelli Awards - a special prize called " Pirelli relativity Challenge", meant above all for teachers, researchers and academics. The challenge is to explain Einstein's special relativity theory by means of a 5 minutes multimedia presentation. Pirelli will award 25,000 Euros (about US $ 30,000) for the best submission. Deadline for submissions: March 31, 2005.

All details and rules can be found at, or by contacting Mr Massimo Armeni.

Other International Projects endorsed by the International Steering Committee include:
  • "Physics as a Cultural Heritage"
  • "Physics enlightens the world"
  • "Physics Talent Search"
  • "International Poster Contest"
  • "Hands on Particle Physics Masterclasses"
  • "International Conference of Physics Students (ICPS)"
  • "Physics in School Architecture"
  • "Relativistic Coordinates: Reference and Positioning Systems"

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