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The following links will take you to the home pages of several competitions, interesting experiments, and other resources that we feel would be of interest to physics students. This site will be updated as more links become known. If you want a site linked to this page, submit one here: Submit a Link

Careers in Physics

Career links submitted by visitors


So you enjoy physics, but don't know where studying physics will lead you? You really enjoy thinking about problems and you ask lots of questions, but you don't know how this can be useful in the Real World? Explore the CAP's Careers in Physics site to discover the wide range of challenging careers open to people who study physics. Take a look at some of the exciting opportunities that are open to today's physics students. And then expand your horizons by pursuing a degree in physics!

The American Institute of Physics has published a comprehensive job hunting and career preparation guide entitled Landing Your First Job: A Guide for Physics Students. The book provides physics students with the
skills they need to make their way in today's job market.


Competition links submitted by visitors


Art of Physics competition. (This is a photographic competition where art meets physics. Each photographic entry must be accompanied by a 200 word description of the physics principle depicted by the photograph. Winning entries and honourable mentions form part of a travelling exhibit.)

CAP High School Physics Prize examination. (The prizes for the top three national participants are being sponsored by the Canadian Chemistry and Physics Olympiad, with the CAP offering prizes to the top provincial participants. Certificates of merit are also offered provincially. In some cases, the provincial prizes are supplemented by the provincial university Physics departments. Many university scholarships and admissions committees have used the results in their decisions.)

Useful Links

More Useful links submitted by visitors


CAGIS-Canadian Assoiciation for Girls In Science. The CAGIS Clubhouse is an interactive website that brings members together from all over the world. The aim of the site is to support and encourage girls in science. There are opportunities to talk about school, careers, and other issues that concern girls when they think about their futures. There is also lots of time for fun!

Quantum Diaries - Follow physicists from around the world as they live the World Year of Physics

Does anyone have the time? - Daily Planet has recorded a video of Dr. Gigault and Louis Marmet at NRC working on their new atomic clock projects.

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