Board of Directors

2021-22 Board of Directors


Prof. Manu Paranjape, P.Phys
University of Montreal

Past President

Prof. Robert I. Thompson, P.Phys.
University of Calgary


Prof. Barbara Frisken
Simon Fraser University

Vice-President Elect

Bill Whelan, P.Phys
University of PEI



Prof. Christine Kraus
Laurentian University


  Executive Director

Mrs. Francine Ford
Canadian Association of Physicists

Director – Professional Affairs

Dr. Daniel Cluff, P.Phys
CanMind Associates

(term ends June 2023)

Director – Academic Affairs

Chitra Rangan
University of Windsor

(Term ends June 2024)

Director – International Affairs

Prof. Ritu Kanungo, P.Phys
St. Mary’s University

(term ends June 2023)

Director – Communications

Sandra Ribeiro
Canadian Light Source Inc.

(Term ends June 2022)

Director – Student Affairs

Dr. Ben Newling, P.Phys
University of New Brunswick

(term ends June 2022)

Director – Science Policy

Eric Donovan
University of Calgary

(Term ends June 2024)

Director – Member and Affiliate Services

Laura Isabelle Dion-Bertrand
Photon etc.

(term ends June 2022)

Director – Private Sector Relations

Dr. Ian D’Souza, P.Phys
Honeywell Aerospace

(appointed to the Board of Directors for one year)

Call for Nominations