Call for Nominations (2020-2021)

Are you interested in having a more active voice in the affairs of the CAP? We are looking for members at all stages of their career to help provide direction and oversight of the CAP as we roll out our new strategic plan and member service initiatives.

The CAP invites you to volunteer, or to nominate someone, to fill one of the positions available on the CAP Board, and Advisory Council starting in June 2020. We are also asking you to contact us if you are interested in serving on one of our many Board or Operating Committees. There are two Advisory Council meetings per year (one at Congress and one in the Fall in Ottawa), with all other business conducted via e-mail or teleconference. The Board has one additional meeting in Ottawa in the Spring and holds teleconference calls as needed throughout the year.

The list of all positions to be filled on the Board or Advisory Council appears below.

CAP Board of Directors positions to be filled by election – June 2020:

  • Vice-President Elect (4-year progression through Presidential line: 2020-2024)
  • Director of Professional Affairs (3-year term; 2020-2023)
  • Director of International Affairs (3-year term; 2020-2023)
  • Director of Private Sector Relations (3-year term; 2020-2023)

Advisory Council positions to be filled by election or acclamation – June 2020:

Membership Councillors:

  • Graduate Student Representative (2-year term; 2020-2022)

Appointed Positions to be filled as needed

  • Regional Advisory Council Representatives

The CAP has a number of operating committees.  If you might be interested in serving on any of these committees when a vacancy occurs, please send a message to Francine Ford, CAP Executive Director, at

Board Committees

  • Governance Committee
  • Finance / Audit / HR Committee
  • Nominations and Awards Committee
  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee

CAP or Director Operating Committees

  • Committee to Encourage Women in Physics members
  • CAP/NSERC Liaison Committee members
  • Canadian National IUPAP Liaison Committee members
  • Science Policy Committee members
  • Professional Affairs Committee members
  • Professional Certification Committee members
  • Communication Committee members
  • Student Affairs Committee members
  • Membership Committee members




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