2023 Call for Nominations

Are you interested in having a more active voice in the affairs of the CAP? We are looking for members at all stages of their careers to help provide direction and oversight of the CAP as we roll out our new strategic plan and member service initiatives!

The CAP invites you to volunteer or to nominate someone to fill one of the positions available on the CAP Board of Directors starting in June 2023. We also ask that you contact us if you are interested in serving on one of our many Board or Operating Committees.

The list of all positions to be filled on the Board appears below.

New for 2023: Director of Private Sector Relations

For several years, the CAP Board has appointed a Director of Private Sector Relations to the Board (as a single-year appointment each year). Over this time, our incumbent has provided valuable insights and perspectives on the needs and concerns of the private sector. This input continues to be vital as it informs the CAP’s decision-making and strategy related to strengthening the relationship between the CAP and non-academic/private-sector physicists. Thus, after consultation with the CAP Advisory Council, the CAP Board has voted to add the Director of Private Sector Relations position to the slate of the Board of Directors as a permanent role. The CAP’s current Articles of Continuance and By-Laws allow for up to 10 director positions in addition to the Presidential line, so no amendments to our governing documents are needed to effect this change.

The DPSR will be responsible for building more robust and collaborative relationships with the private sector and physicists working in that community, thereby bringing valuable resources and expertise to the CAP. The DPSR works closely with the Director of Professional Affairs, the Chair of our Division of Applied Physics and Instrumentation, and representatives of the Student Advisory Council, to develop programs and activities that raise awareness of physics careers outside of academia, improve the CAP’s engagement with physics graduates who move into non-academic physics positions, and create opportunities for companies who hire physicists to interact with our student population.


Call for Nominations

CAP Board of Directors Positions to be filled (click to download the nomination form for each position):

Nominations may be filled out in hard copy and scanned or digitally, and be sent to programs@cap.ca along with a short biography.