June 17 Election: 2022/23 Slate of Nominations

The list of nominations received for the 2022-23 CAP Board of Directors appears below, with links to the biographies for each candidate. No further nominations were received.

When to Vote:

  • Members will have an opportunity to register their vote for the Board members during the 2022 virtual Annual General Meeting which will be held on Friday, June 17 from 12:00 – 13:30 EDT.  Click here to register for this meeting and receive the Zoom connection information.
  • The voting system will be open from 12:15 to 13:00 EDT on June 17.

How to Vote:

  • You can access the voting system by logging in to member services using the “login” button at the top of this web page and then select “vote system menu”.

Quorum Needed:

  • A quorum of 50 members must be present at the start of the Annual General Virtual Meeting for the election to take place.


Slate of Nominations: 2022-23 CAP Board of Directors

NOTE:  Manu Paranjape will be transitioning from President to Past-President (no vote required).

Click on Nominee’s name to view their biography.

Position Term Nominee(s)
Nominee was Vice-President in 2021-22
4-Year progression through Presidential line
(this will be third year)
Barbara Frisken
Simon Fraser University
Nominee was Vice-President Elect in 2021-22
4-Year progression through Presidential line
(this will be second year)
Bill Whelan
University of P.E.I
Vice-President Elect 4-Year progression through Presidential line
(this will be first year)
Martin Williams
University of Guelph
Secretary-Treasurer 3-Year appointment Christine Kraus
Director of Communications 3-Year appointment Sandra Ribeiro
University of Windsor
Director of Student Affairs 3-Year appointment Ben Newling
University of New Brunswick