CAP 2020 Virtual Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The 2020 CAP AGM will be held as a virtual meeting on Wednesday, September 30th from 11h30-13h00 EDT.

Please mark this important date on your calendars and plan to attend!   Click here to register for this meeting and receive the Zoom connection information closer to the meeting.


  1.   Call to Order, Establishment of Quorum, and Approval of the Agenda
  2.   Report of the Nominating Committee and brief explanation of Timing and Procedure for Election of Board of Directors
    (click here for slate, including candidate statements for 2 nominees for VP-Elect)
    – 11h40-12h40 voting window, accessed via member services login.
  3.   Approval of Minutes of the June 5, 2019 Annual General Meeting
    (click here to read the Minutes of the 2019 AGM)
  4.   Annual Report
    4.1  Update Report by CAP President (S. Ghose)
    4.2  Reviewed Financial Statements to December 31, 2019  (C. Kraus)
    (click here for the Report of the Secretary-Treasurer and Chair of the Finance Cttee ;
    click here for 2019 December 31 year-end Financial Statements)
  5.   Appointment of Audit firm for review of 2020 finances  (click here to see motion)
  6.   Comments on 2020 CAP Congress successes and challenges (M. Paranjape)
  7.   Report on preliminary planning for 2021 CAP Virtual Congress (M. Paranjape)
  8.   New Business
    8.1  2021 Membership Fees (C. Kraus)  (click here for information)
    8.2  Update on COVID-19 Impact and 2020 CAP finances to June 30 (C. Kraus)
    8.3  Update on Proposal for Establishment of CAP Fellows Program (B. Gaulin)
    (Click here for approved version of program outline)
    8.4  Report on change of name of CEWIP to DGEP (C. Rangan) (click here for information)
    8.5  Report from the Student Advisory Council (C. MacDougall)
    8.6  Announcement of recipients of 2020 CAPF Scholarships (M. Roney)
    8.6.1  Introduction of A. Carswell of Allan Carswell Family Foundation
    8.7  Other Matters
  9.   Results of Board Election, Vote of Thanks and Change of Chair
  10.   Date and Place of Next Meeting
  11.   Adjournment