2021 Registration Fees

The registration fees listed below are in Canadian dollars.  13% GST will be added to these fees.

The registration fees include access to the Magnetic North Conference and all events organized as part of the CAP’s Congress held during the week of June 6-11, as well as the best student oral competition final that will be held the following week.

For high school teachers, the registration fee includes the High School Teachers Workshop scheduled for the afternoon of Sunday, June 6th.

The Sunday evening Herzberg Memorial Lecture will be a free live-streamed YouTube broadcast.  No prior registration required.

As the 2021 Congress is being offered virtually, the costs associated with running the Congress are lower than are associated with in-person events; however, there are still costs involved that need to be recovered, including among other things, the costs of the Congress management software and the staff time associated with the Congress. The fee structure that has been adopted for this year was set following a careful review of both of those factors.

2021 CAP Congress Registration Fees EARLY REGULAR / LATE
April 1 to May 24 May 25 to June 11
Members and student affiliates :
Regular (Full) $150 $175
Invited Speakers $150 $175
Retirees $75 $90
Early career* (within 4 years of highest degree) $75 $90
Graduate Students and presenting Undergraduate Students $75 $90
High School teachers
$20 $35
      Undergraduate student affiliates**  $20 $35 
Non-members :   
Regular  $180 $205
Invited Speakers  $150 $175
Reciprocal society members (IoP, APS, JPS, GPS, SMF) $150 $175
Early-career (within 4 years of highest degree)  $180 $205
Retirees $100 $115
Graduate Students $100 $115
Undergraduate Students $100 $115
High School teachers  $20 $35
* This is a special rate offered to members only; early career non-members are invited to join the CAP to take advantage of this rate.  Otherwise full non-member rates apply.

** As membership is free for undergraduates, non-member undergraduates are charged the same rate as non-member graduate students