Invited Speakers

NOTE: This page will be continuously updated as speakers are confirmed.

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Invited speakers are organized by the different CAP Divisions to offer participants an opportunity to hear from experts from various subdisciplines.  Invited speakers will give their presentations as part of a division’s technical session being held in parallel with other division sessions.

Plenary speakers are chosen by the Congress Program Committee.  Their presentations are given during a timeframe dedicated to their talks.


Looking for a specific division?
DGEP – Gender Equity in Physics  DPP – Plasma Physics DCMMP – Condensed Matter and Materials Physics
DAMOPC – Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, Canada DTP – Theoretical Physics DNP – Nuclear Physics
DAPI – Applied Physics and Instrumentation  PPD – Particle Physics DPMB – Physics in Medicine and Biology
DPE – Physics Education DASP – Atmospheric and Space Physics DHP – History of Physics


Speaker: Affiliation:  Abstract Title: 
Matthew Beach Zapata
Pasquale Bosso University of Lethbridge
Agata Branczyk IBM
Michael Broughton Google
Juan Felipe Carrasquilla Vector Institute
René Côté Université de Sherbrooke
Keshav Dasgupta McGill University
Jean-François Fortin University of Laval
Andrew Frey University of Winnipeg Holographic Complexity in Gravitational Collapse
Alexandros Gezerlis University of Toronto From alpha clustering to homogeneous matter
Gilad Gour University of Calgary
Daniel James University of Toronto
Peter Johnson Zapata
Maria Kieferova Zapata
Nathan Killoran Xanadu
Debbie Leung University of Waterloo Additive quantities cannot be more than asymptotically continuous
Seth Lloyd MIT
Marco Merkli Memorial University
Duncan O’Dell McMaster University Schwinger pair production as a non-Hermitian problem
Alejandro Perdomo Zapata
Tami Pereg-Barnea Domain and Skyrmion bound states on the surface of magnetic topological insulators
Erich Poppitz University of Guelph Generalized ’t Hooft Anomalies and Gauge Dynamics
Guillaume Verdon Alphabet X
Sebastian Wetzel Perimeter Institute
Ziqi Yan Nonrelativistic Strings and Exotic Geometries
Beni Yoshida Perimeter Institute


DTP – Cosmology: James Peebles Nobel Celebration Symposium 
Speaker: Affiliation:  Abstract Title:
Tzu-Ching Chang
Matt Dobbs
Jo Dunkley
Ghazal Geshnizjani
Evan McDonough
James Peebles
Chanda Prescod-Weinstein
Katelin Schutz
Jerome Quintin
Aaron Vincent Asymmetric Dark Matter in Main Sequence Stars
Edward Wilson-Ewing Some challenges for theoretical cosmology


Speaker: Affiliation:  Abstract Title:
Devika Chithrani Combining gold nanoparticles with other radiosensitizers for unlocking the full potential of cancer radiotherapy


Speaker: Affiliation:  Abstract Title:
Robert Cockcroft Assessment of Physics Competency in a first year integrated Science course
Shohini Ghose Looking back at a decade of teaching undergraduate Quantum Computing
Natasha Holmes Exploring men’s and women’s roles in physics lab group work
Gabor Kunstatter The fast and the furious: special relativity for high school students
Robert Mann Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Physics — a Career Perspective
Stephen Morris Three advanced lab experiments on fluids and pattern formation
Pooya Ronagh Training Physicists in Software Development: The Case of a Machine Learning Course
Rogério de Sousa Teaching quantum computing for second year students in science and engineering


DPP Symposium Day:
Speaker: Affiliation: Abstract Title: 
Jean-Sébastien Boisvert Non-thermal plasma for cancer treatment, influence of the discharge mode on the cytotoxicity of a radio-frequency plasma jet
Emile Carbone Atmospheric pressure synthesis of chemical fuels by high frequency plasmas: an outlook
Arnaud Debayle CEA
Raymond Golingo Fuse Energy Flow-Through Z-Pinch Research at Fuse
Amina Hussein University of Alberta X-ray production using relativistically intense laser pulses
Natalia Milaniak Plasma characterization in gaseous and liquid dielectric barrier discharge systems for nanoparticle synthesis and nanostructured thin film deposition
Stephan Reuter Controlling Non-thermal Plasmas in Contact with Liquids
Luc Stafford Université de Montréal Defect Engineering in Plasma-Treated Graphene Films
Arash Tavassoli Nonlinear and noise effects in simulations of Buneman instability
Edward Thomas Jr Auburn University Plasma and dusty plasma pattern formation at high magnetic fields
Jocelyn Veilleux Inductively-coupled RF plasma: a versatile tool to synthesize functional materials and advanced ceramics
Jeffery Zielinski Global simulations of ion temperature gradient modes, from characteristic eigen-structures to turbulent transport


Speaker: Affiliation:  Abstract Title: 
Michal Bajcsy University of Waterloo
Brynle Barrett University of New Brunswick
Shabir Barzanjeh University of Calgary
Kostadinka Bizheva University of Waterloo
Alexandre Blais Université de Sherbrooke
Giovanni Fanchini Western University
Alan Jamison University of Waterloo
Ebrahim Karimi University of Ottawa
Tom Kirchner York University
Karine Le Bris St. Francis Xavier University
Jim Martin University of Waterloo
Karl-Peter Marzlin St. Francis Xavier University
Sangeeta Murugkar Carleton University
Crystal Senko University of Waterloo
Bhavin J. Shastri Queens University
Mahi Mahi Singh Light-matter Interaction in Plasmonic Nanohybrids
Kyung Soo Choi University of Waterloo
Andre Staudte University of Ottawa/NRC
Aephraim Steinberg University of Toronto
Albert Stolow University of Ottawa


PPD – Neutrino & Beyond
Speaker: Affiliation:  Abstract Title:
Ryana Bayes Laurentian University Status of the SNO+ experiment
Liliana Caballero University of Guelph
Erica Caden  SNOLAB
Claire David York University
Patrick De Perio  T2K, HyperK The T2K, Super-Kamiokande, and Hyper-Kamiokande Experiments
Pietro Giampa  SNOLAB Studying Reactor CEvNS with the Scintillating Bubble Chamber (SBC) Experiment
James Holt TRIUMF Ab initio nuclear theory for neutrino physics
Savino Longo DESY First application of CsI(Tl) pulse shape discrimination at an $e^+ e^-$ collider to improve particle identification at the Belle II experiment
Jess McIver  University of British Columbia Multi-messenger astrophysics with gravitational waves
Alan Poon Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Silvia Scoriza  SNOLAB Challenges for Direct Dark Matter Detection Searches
Marie Vidal Queen’s University Coherent Elastic Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering and the NEWS-G collaboration
Aaron Vincent  Queen’s University The future of high-energy neutrino flavour and the search for new physics
Juan-Pablo Yanez  University of Alberta
Viktor Zacek  ATOMKI, Université de Montréal New evidence for a dark sector? – Search for the X17 resonance


Speaker: Affiliation: Abstract Title:
Greg Christian Saint Mary’s University
Wouter Deconinck University of Manitoba
Gwen Grinyer University of Regina
David Jenkins University of York
Elena Litvinova Western Michigan University
Juliette Mammei University of Manitoba The Pb Radius and Ca Radius Experiments (PREX and CREX)
Russell Mammei University of Winnipeg Status of the Ultracold Neutron Source and nEDM Experiment at TRIUMF
Zack Meisel Ohio University
Dan Melconian Texas A&M
Curtis Meyer Carnegie-Mellon University
Takashi Nakamura Tokyo Institute of Technology
Jennifer Pore Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Alan Poon Los Alamos
Ruben Sandapen Acadia University


Speaker: Affiliation: Abstract Title: 
Shohini Ghose Wilfrid Laurier University Good IDEA! Promoting excellence in science through Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility
Elena Long University of New Hampshire
David Jenkins University of York


Speaker: Affiliation: Abstract Title: 
John Moffat Perimeter Institute
James Peebles Princeton University


Speaker: Affiliation: Abstract Title: 
Robert Cockcroft Assessment of Physics Competency in a first year integrated Science course
Shohini Ghose
Rogerio de Sousa Teaching Quantum Computing for second year students in science and engineering


Speaker: Affiliation: Abstract Title: 
Bill Atkinson Remembering Jules Carbotte
René Côté Magneto-optical Kerr effect and signature of the chiral anomaly in a Weyl semimetal in magnetic field
Arun Paramekanti Nematicity driven by superconducting correlations
Tami Pereg-Barnea A three dimensional second order topological insulator in magnetic field – surface theory, hinge modes and Landau levels


Speaker: Affiliation: Abstract Title: 
Mark Boland CLS2: A Next Generation Light Source for Canada
Alexander Gottberg Secondary Particle Production for Fundamental Science at TRIUMF
Cornelia Hoehr Medical isotope production and research with IAMI at TRIUMF
Dalini Maharaj A Prototype Compact Accelerator-based Neutron Source (CANS) for Canada