Symposium Day – June 8

This page will be updated as more information becomes available. 

Symposium Day is Tuesday, June 8, 2021 and we can’t wait!

Symposium Day are thematically cohesive mini-conferences organized by our various Divisions.

We have scheduled 7 Symposia this year in addition to the co-hosted Magnetic North Conference which is running under the CAP Congress banner.

  • Cosmology; A celebration of the Nobel Prize of James Peebles (DTP)
  • Impactful Advances in Biological and Medical Physics (DPMB)
  • Low temperature plasmas / Fusion plasmas (magnetic and inertial confinement) / Laser plasmas / Basic plasmas (DPP)
  • Neutrino Physics & Beyond (PPD)
  • Physics for the Next Generation of Sensors and Metrology  (NRC)
  • Private Sector Physics (DAPI/Prof.Affairs)
  • Quantum Machine Learning (DTP)

Co-Hosted Conference – Magnetic North


Private Sector Physicists Symposium:


  • Dr. Daniel Cluff, CAP Director of Professional Affairs
  • Mr. Steffon Luoma, Chair, CAP Division of Applied Physics and Instrumentation
  • Dr. Ian D’Souza, CAP Director, Private Sector Physics

What the Symposium will look like: 

Presentations by invited speakers from the private sector will provide an insight into the careers of physicists working outside academia.

A panel discussion, comprised of private sector physicists and panelists with a specialization in career pathways, follows the lectures.

The session is concluded with a vibrant question, answer and discussion session that has been found to be both informative and enlightening in past symposia.

Young physicists, or those interested in a possible career change, are encouraged to attend this interactive symposium.