CAM Graduate Student Physics Conference

ATTN: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the CAM team has been monitoring the situation to determine how to best move forward with the 2021 CAM Conference. The website will be updated and an official announcement will go out to all CAP members when a final decision has been made.

Previous conference – CAM 2019 – Sudbury, ON, July 24-27

Laurentian University and SNOLAB partnered to organize the 2019 Canada-America-Mexico Graduate Student Physics Conference. It was held in Sudbury, ON Canada from July  24 – 27. Tours of Canada’s Underground Research Laboratory – SNOLAB – was available just before and at the end of the Conference.  The CAP’s Councillor representing graduate student members, Matt Steffler from the University of Guelph (, chaired the National Organizing Committee for this conference.


The CAM Conference is a joint meeting of graduate students from the Canadian, American and Mexican Physical Societies.  Starting 2019, the Cuban physical society will be participating as well. It is held every second year, and has been cycling between locations in Mexico, the United States, and Canada, with Canada hosting the CAM conference every sixth year (click here for a history of locations/attendance).

The conference focuses on the research done by graduate students. Plenary contributions from established scientists will also give the student participants exposure to ongoing research in diverse sub-fields. Students share the results of their research with senior scientists and international peers in their own field, as well as with those focused on other disciplines within physics. The aim of the CAM Conference is to provide an outstanding opportunity for students to develop professional skills, learn a broad range of physics topics, and initiate interactions across geographical borders. Furthermore, it will foster communication and exchange of ideas among students of various backgrounds and interests.


Questions?   Contact the CAP office at or the CAP Councillor representing Graduate Students, Matt Steffler at