CCUWiP 2023 Host Application Information

Submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI) to host the 2023 CCUWiP is highly encouraged. The CAP is accepting EOIs until January 31, 2022. Learn how to submit one here.

The 2023 CCUWiP will likely be held from January 20 to 22, 2023 . All groups interested in hosting have until February 28, 2022 to prepare and submit all documentation required for the formal application.

If you are considering applying to host the 2023 conference, please read the following information carefully and consult the CCUWiP FAQ page for further information.

Note: The Canadian Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics is normally held in one location only, but should strong bids be received from locations from across Canada, the CAP is open to considering multiple simultaneous hosts.

Timeline Summary

Formal Application to Host

Applications are to be submitted by e-mail to the CAP office (  Deadline:  February 28, 2022 

If you’re considering applying to host, please submit an expression of interest (not a prerequisite to apply, but highly encouraged)

Note: We recommend that at least three undergraduate students from any institution interested in hosting the 2023 conference attend the CCUWIP 2022 conference which will be held virtually from Friday, January 21 to 23, 2022.

The proposals section should be numbered (1) Budget, (2) Proposal; and (3) Letters of Support.  

  1. Budget: Your preliminary budget (click here for sample budget) should be based on the expectation that the per student cost has traditionally ranged between $300 and $500. It must include.
    • A detailed list of your expected/ estimated expenses based on your target number participants, including food costs, accommodation, transportation to/from venue locations for delegates (if provided), venue costs (e.g. presentation rooms, A-V), and transportation and expenses related to speakers, panelists, and workshop presenters etc. The expenses listed in the budget must be based on exploratory discussions with suppliers
    • A detailed list of the financial support you expect to be able to raise locally (e.g. anticipated commitments from your institution, donations from local or national sponsors) and the registration fee for delegates (this is normally the same # as what is charged by the APS CUWiPs; i.e. if the CUWiP fee is $35 US; CCUWiP will be the Cdn equivalent)
    • It is important to start the process of securing support immediately, particularly within the university (e.g. provision of funding, room space or A-V) to be able to submit a strong and complete application package. Advanced planning/support helps to ensure the success of the conference and strengthens the application.
  2. Proposal.
    • A cover letter identifying the key student organizers who will be co-chairs (minimum three) for the conference, with a short bio of each (including current year of study, experience with CCUWiP)
    • A statement as to why your group/university is interested in hosting the conference and what your institution has to offer that makes it the ideal location (e.g. information about current initiatives/commitments to diversity issues).
    • Information about available facilities for your conference, including capacity of facilities (i.e., the maximum number of student participants you can accommodate) and your target number of participants (local and out-of-area)
    • Your plan to recruit undergraduate applicants (including members of underrepresented minorities)
    • A statement of commitment from members of the local organizing committee, including a discussion of workload distribution among students, faculty, and staff as well as partnerships with nearby institutions (research facilities, community colleges, etc.)
    • A draft planning timeline/ schedule
    • A draft conference outline, highlighting any new initiatives/activities/themes that your group would like to introduce at this conference
  3. Letters of support/sponsorship.

Planning a CCUWiP is a major undertaking. As faculty and/or staff involvement is vital for the success of the conference, the host institution must be prepared to offer the required letter of support to the student organizers as part of the application process.

  • A letter of support from your department chair that outlines the departmental support (financial and staff) as well as the name of one assigned faculty advisor and the names of any other faculty members who will be engaged in the organization of the conference
  • A letter from the organizing committee chair (or co-chairs) indicating commitment to send a representative to meetings of the National Organizing Committee (these include monthly phone calls and a yearly Convocation* at the American Center for Physics.)
  • Additional letters describing any funding or support already committed at the date of application
  • Additional letters indicating that support is being considered can also be included

(NOTE:  While every effort will be made to generate sufficient funds in the current CCUWiP to send a representative for the following year to the planning Convocation in the U.S., the host institution may be required to provide up to 65% of such costs, particularly in a year where multiple locations may be selected to host.)