Invited Speakers 2019

Name Institution Talk Title Division(s)
Allison Gonsalves McGill “Networks of support for women in physics:  Understanding the role of equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives in graduate students’ experiences” CEWIP/DPE
Ebrahim Karimi U. Ottawa Quantum Optics and Ion Traps DAMOPC
K. Rajibul Islam IQC, U.Waterloo Quantum Optics and Ion Traps DAMOPC
Kirk W. Madison UBC Degenerate Quantum Gases and Cold Atoms and Molecules DAMOPC/DCMMP
Nisha Rani Agarwal U of Ontario Institute of Technology Light-Matter Interaction and Spectroscopy DAMOPC
Thomas J. Hammond U. Windsor Light-Matter Interaction and Spectroscopy DAMOPC
Cristoph Simon U of Calgary Quantum Information DAMOPC/DTP
Michael Thewalt Simon Fraser University Quantum Information DAMOPC/DTP
Valery Milner UBC “Engaging undergraduates in science using advanced in-class demonstration technology” DAMOPC/DPE
Marina Milner-Bolotin UBC “To Flip or not to Flip: Video Experiments in Physics Teacher Education” DAMOPC/DPE
Kenji Kojima UBC/Triumf
Japanese Physical Society
James Analytis Berkley DCMMP
Tom Timusk McMaster University Hydride Superconductors, a path to room temperature superconductivity DCMMP
David Axen UBC Emeritus  “Early Days of the TRIUMF Cyclotron” DHP
Jess Brewer UBC Emeritus “The History of muSR at TRIUMF” DHP
Mike Rowe NIST Center for Neutron Research “Bertram N. Brockhouse” DHP
John Root Sylvia Fedoruk Canadian Centre for Nuclear Innovation “The Canadian Neutron Beam Centre at Chalk River” DHP
Blair Jamieson U. of Winnipeg Progress on ultracold neutrons at TRIUMF DNP
Leigh Graham TRIUMF Electron beam ion source (EBIS) for charge breeding for post acceleration DNP
Jacques Farine Laurentian U. TBD, EXO collaboration DNP
Mohammad Ahmady Mount Allison U. Dynamical spin effects in the pion light-front wavefunction DNP
Matt Williams TRIUMF / York U. (UK) Commissioning and initial operation of the EMMA recoil mass spectrometer DNP
Zisiz Papandreou U. of Regina TBD (GlueX) DNP
Rodney Orford Lawrence Berkeley Lab Modern-day precision mass measurements and the astrophysical r process DNP
Tomofumi Nagae Kyoto U TBD DNP
Erich Leistenschneider UBC / TRIUMF TBD (TITAN collaboration) DNP
Mukut Kalita TRIUMF Towards measuring atomic parity violation effects in fancium DNP
TBD (SNO + collaboration) TBD TBD DNP
Jared Stang & Joss Ives UBC “Four-way high-fives during exams: Adding a group phase to provide immediate feedback and increase enjoyment.” DPE
Sandra Eix “Director of STEM Learning” at ScienceWorld. “Ignite wonder, empower dreams, explode soda” DPE
Mats Selen Illinois Reforming Intro Physics Labs to Focus on Innovation, Creativity, and Scientific Skills DPE
Gina Passante  Cal State Fullerton “Improving Conceptual Understanding Through Visual Reasoning: An Example from Quantum Mechanics” DPE
Joanne O’Meara Guelph Physics Students as Museum Curators – the incredible success story of STEM Week 2018 DPE
Ryan Martin Queen’s University On developing an open access first year physics textbook and other free things DPE
Dr. Cornelia Hoehr TRIUMF Cyclotrons for Medicine DPMB
Dr. Sattar Taheri-Araghi California State University Dying Escherichia coli cells absorb antimicrobial peptides, enhancing the survivability cell culture DPMB/DCMMP/BSC
Prof. Ozzy Mermut Department of Physics and Astronomy, York University Biophotonics Techniques Enabling Smart Aging DPMB/DAMOPC
Prof. Michèle Desjardins Département de physique, de génie physique et d’optique, Université Laval (Québec, QC); Centre de recherche du CHU de Québec – Université Laval (Québec, QC) Axe Oncologie Studying the brain across scales using imaging and physics DPMB/DAMOPC
Prof.  Zev Bryant  Department of Bioengineering, Stanford University Engineering Biomolecular Motors DPMB
Prof. Dan Xiao Department of Physics, University of Windsor Quantitative Magnetic Resonance Imaging DPMB
Dr. Tony Popescu Department of Medical Physics, BC Cancer Agency Modern Applications of Monte Carlo Simulations in External Beam Radiotherapy DPMB
Prof. Anna Celler Department of Radiology, University of British Columbia The role of physics in Nuclear Medicine DPMB
Prof. Na Ji Department of Physics, UC Berkeley Imaging the brain at high spatiotemporal resolution DPMB
Dr. Ian V. Ross Nikon Instruments Inc. Applications of Modern Optical Microscopy in Biology DPMB
Dr. Nancy Ford Department Oral Biological & Medical Sciences, University of British Columbia Optimization of dental cone beam tomography for planning dental implant treatments DPMB
Dror Warshawski UQAM Proteins drilling holes in lipid membranes: The influence of the membrane physical parameters DPMB/DCMMP/BSC
Cecile Fradin Department of Physics and Astronomy, McMaster University In-Vivo Solid-State NMR for the Study of Biological Membranes DPMB/DCMMP/BSC
Peter Tieleman Department of Biochemistry, University of Calgary Computer simulations of biological membrane models: lateral structure and lipid-protein interactions DPMB/DCMMP/BSC
Prof. Ali Hatef Department of Computer Science and Mathematics, Nipissing University Analysis of Plasmonic and Plasma Assisted Photoacoustic Response from Metallic Nanostructures Irradiated by Fast and Ultrafast Laser DPMB/DAMOPC
Prof. Evgeny Pavlov Department of Basic Sciences, New York Universtiy Molecular composition of the mitochondrial permeability transition pore DPMB/DCMMP/BSC
Eric Poisson University of Guelph DTP
James Sully UBC DTP
Mark van Rammsdonk UBC DTP
Hari Kunduri MUN DTP
Mark Walton University of Lethbridge DTP
Joanna Karczmarek UBC DTP
Gabor Kunstatter University of Winnipeg DTP
Daniel Stolarski Carleton University DTP
Tom Steele University of Saskatchewan DTP
Matthew Johnson York University & Perimeter Institute DTP
Richard Shaw UBC DTP
Heather Logan Carleton University DTP
Olivia Di Matteo TRIUMF DTP
Gordon Semenoff University of British Columbia DTP
Adam Ritz U. of Victoria TBD DTP
Ghazal Geshnizjani U. of Waterloo TBD DTP
Richard Mackenzie U. of Montréal

Qubits as edge state detectors: illustration using the SSH model

John Bechhoefer SFU
Kari Dalnoki-Verress McMaster
Hendrick de Haan OIT
An-Chang Shi McMaster
Anton Zilman U of T