Symposia Day – Topics/Coordinators

NEW THIS YEARThe Program Committee has decided to establish a series of one-day symposia on Tuesday, June 4th.  Abstracts may be submitted for consideration for these symposia.  Organizers reserve the right to pass any abstracts that cannot be accommodated within the symposium to the Chair of the appropriate Division for consideration as a contributed abstract in another session during Congress.


SYMPOSIA DAY – Tuesday, June 4

Careers in Industry Ian D’Souza
CAP Director of Industrial Affairs
Uncovering the Identity of Dark Matter David Morrissey
Medical Physics Francis Lin
Chair, DPMB
Nuclear Astrophysics/Structure and Medical
in honour of Prof. John D’Auria
Corina Andreoiu
Photonics (Optical Science) Steve Dodge
Plasma Physics Michael Bradley
Chair, DPP
Quantum Materials Michel Gingras
Chair, DCMMP
Soft Matter Canada 2019
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Joerg Rottler, UBC
James Harden, U.Ottawa