Women in Physics Canada Conference (WIPC)

WIPC 2020

 July 7-10, 2020 (Note: WIPC has now been postponed to Summer 2021. The exact dates are being worked on.)

Location: University of Manitoba, Winnipeg

Website:  https://www.sci.umanitoba.ca/wipc2020/

Contact: wipc2020@physics.umanitoba.ca


The 9th Edition of Women in Physics Canada (WIPC 2020) will be held in the summer of 2021 (postponed from 2020 due to COVID-19) at University of Manitoba in Winnipeg. This professional conference aims to create a space where participants can build networks, explore career paths, and present research, while also promoting gender equity and taking part in conversations about women in physics, mental health, and LGTBQ+ issues. Among other things, this conference will showcase:

  • Scientific presentations from internationally renowned researchers in physics.
  • Workshops on mental health in academia, building inclusive teams, and leadership.
  • Seminars on the current situation for women and underrepresented groups in physics, and strategies to improve it.
  • Discussion panels on career choices and diversity.
  • Networking activities.
  • Student talks and presentations.

Numerous studies demonstrate that diverse and inclusive environments promote performance, creativity, innovation, and success. Despite this, the fields of science and technology continue to suffer from a lack of diversity. The goal of this conference is therefore to support and encourage female and non-binary people in the early stages of their career to persist in this field. To achieve this goal, this conference will offer the opportunity for participants to:

  • Take part in a professional conference and present their own research.
  • Participate in collectively raising awareness about obstacles that gender minorities face in physics.
  • Build a network of contacts on the national scale.
  • Get informed about opportunities for careers in science and industry.


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