Division for Gender Equity in Physics (DGEP)

About Us

The CAP Committee to Encourage Women in Physics (CEWIP) was initiated in 1983 by Professors Jim Megaw and Jim Prentice, who noticed that women were dramatically under-represented in the physics community. This is no less an issue today, for while there have been large shifts in representation of women in fields such as medicine, there are still very few women choosing physics for a career.

At the 2020 AGM, the CEWIP members voted to change the name to the Division for Gender Equity in Physics (DGEP) which was endorsed by the board with the purpose to create a more inclusive environment for all genders.

Our Mission/Activities

  • organizing panel discussions at the CAP annual congress on programs that encourage female physicists in Canada, the USA and Mexico
  • contributing articles to Physics in Canada on female physicists in Canada
  • proposing female speakers for the CAP Lecture Tour and the CAP Congress plenary talks
  • producing a Directory of Women in Physics in Canada
  • holding a session at the CAP annual congress
  • organizing and coordinating delegations to attend conferences for women in physics

DGEP News and Resources

Our Leadership

White woman smiling, Blonde hair


Dr. Svetlana Barkanova
Memorial University of Newfoundland

Vice Chair and Chair Elect

Carolyn Sealfon
University of Toronto


Juliette Mammei
University of Manitoba

Past Chair

James Botte
Carleton University