Division of Physics in Medicine and Biology
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Mission Statement

Our mission is to raise the profile of medical and biological physics research in Canada through sessions at the annual conference of the CAP, these WWW pages, and by other means. Undergraduate students looking for summer research opportunities and graduate training for MSc or PhD degrees should peruse our list of members, and investigate our sister-societies linked in these pages. Graduate students looking for PhD training, or looking for postdoctoral positions, should do the same. The critical mass of medical and biological physics research in Canada can only be enhanced by the high profile of the DMBP: so join our division, be listed as a member, and link to this page!


Christopher Bergevin
York University
cberge [at] yorku [dot] ca
Luc Beaulieu
Université Laval
beaulieu [at] phy [dot] ulaval [dot] ca
Francis Lin
University of Manitoba
francis [dot] lin [at] umanitoba [dot] ca
Melanie Martin
University of Winnipeg
m [dot] martin [at] uwinnipeg [dot] ca