Soumettre une publicité pour le site web

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***Note, our current website system is being upgraded.  In the interim, kindly send an email to should you wish to submit a web ad. *** 

We appreciate your interest in posting an advertisement on the CAP’s website. You can submit advertisements in one language, or in both official languages. Our online application process allows you to define exactly when you want the advertisement to start appearing on our website, and when you want it to be taken off.

The minimum billable period is one month (advertising in PiC includes two months on the web). Please note that we request all ads to be submitted in pdf format.

Special Services

  • Advertising in the journal of the Canadian Association of Physicists, called Physics in Canada, includes the posting of your advertisement on our employment listing service for a period of 2 months (12 months for a One-Year Contract). (see PiC pricing)
  • The CAP also offers the service of sending, by email, a copy of your advertisement to all individuals listed in the Directory of Women Physicists. The cost for this service is $35