Critères d’évaluation et comité de sélection

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NOTE:  As this is the first year of awarding fellowships through the nomination and selection process, the nomination and evaluation process will be revisited at the end of the process to determine whether modifications in any aspect of the program should be made.


Nominees meeting the above eligibility requirements who are nominated for the FCAP award will be evaluated according to the four, equally weighted, contribution categories. No individual is expected to meet all the criteria listed under each category but will normally be expected to have significant contributions in more than one category to be eligible for the award.


Selection Committee
(composition, terms and renewal process; conflict of interest guidelines)

A Selection Committee of 5-7 diverse members will assess the nominations and make recommendations on a slate of FCAPs based on the evaluation criteria.

Before being appointed to the Selection Committee, potential members will be asked to identify how they meet the requirement for EDI Education for Selection Committees (for example, having completed the Tri-Agency’s online Bias in Peer Review module and the Government of Canada’s Gender-based Analysis Plus course).

The CAP Office will hold a meeting with selection committee members prior to the launch of the review process to discuss the selection process, review how the review system works, discuss current procedures and practices, and review the evaluation rubric to ensure that all committee members have a shared understanding of how the evaluation rubric is to be applied.

Prior to starting the review of nominations, each committee member will be asked to review the CAP’s Conflict of Interest Guidelines and submit a declaration of conflict/no conflict for each nominee.  Any identified conflicts are assessed by the CAP’s Nominations and Awards Committee and resolved in accordance with the guidelines.

Each committee member is asked to serve a term of three years.  In the inaugural year, committee members will be assigned a term of 1 to 3 years to ensure reasonable continuity of members each year.  The CAP’s Nominations and Awards Committee, in consultation with the Chair of the FCAP Oversight Committee and the appointed EDI representative, is responsible for identifying and securing committee replacements each year, ensuring that the membership represents the diverse community of physicists in Canada, including a broad representation of research subdisciplines.