CAP-COMP Peter Kirkby Memorial Medal for Outstanding Service to Canadian Physics – Nomination Procedures

The nomination must be submitted using the CAP’s online nomination submission process. CAP Members please login to your Member Services and select the “Medal Nomination” link on the left. Nominators who are not CAP members or who have not submitted an abstract at a CAP Congress since 2004 will have to create an account throught the Medal Nomination System.

Other than the nomination form and citation, supporting documentation must be submitted as Word or PDF files.

A complete application consists of:

  1. The nomination form, and a supporting letter from the nominator describing and commenting on the evidence.
  2. A short summary (one page or less) containing the nominator’s own assessment of the candidate’s contribution to Canadian physics which support the intent of the medal, i.e. to recognize service to the physics community by strengthening the Canadian physics community, by enhancing the profession of physical scientists, by effectively communicating physics to the non-scientific community, or by making physics more attractive as a career.
  3. A curriculum vitae for the nominee of 5 pages maximum, which highlights the working career of the nominee, including any service awards. The c.v. should not include a list of research publications.
  4. Three testimonial letters from those who have observed exceptional commitment to service to the Canadian physics community by the nominee.
  5. A citation of 300 words or less suitable for publication if the nominee is selected as the medal recipient (submitted in plain text format using cut and paste into the online nomination form)
  6. A photograph of the nominee (this can be a low resolution photograph, which may be retrievable from the nominee’s worksite. Nominee will be asked for a high resolution photo if selected as medal recipient). Please note that this is not required in order to complete the file but will speed up the release of the medal winner announcements.

Nominations are valid for three (3) nomination cycles only, which occur every second year (on even years).

The selection of the winner of CAP-COMP medal will be made by a committee struck by the CAP and COMP.

The CAP-COMP Peter Kirkby Memorial Medal will be presented by the President of the CAP at the CAP Annual Banquet held as part of their annual Congress.