Art of Physics Rules

The CAP is currently accepting entries in three categories of competition:

  • students up to high school/CEGEP graduation;
  • High School/CEGEP Class projects – Teachers may submit only the top entry for each project/topic; and
  • open (industrial and government establishments and commercially-funded research, universities, community colleges, charity-funded research programmes, teachers, laypersons, others).

There is no limit to the number of entries from any individual. Teachers may submit only the top entry for each class project/topic (category 2). All entries must be original artwork created by the participant.

  1. Each entry must be accompanied by its caption and a copy of the fully-completed official entry form (easy to read), and sent in a separate envelope clearly marked “The Art of Physics Competition”.
  2. An entrance fee of $5, to cover administrative expenses, should accompany each contribution in Category 1. An entrance fee of $10 should accompany each contribution in either Category 2 or Category 3.
  3. The high quality print out, which will be sent to the judging panel, must accompany the entry form, together with a high resolution (at least 300 dpi) electronic copy of the photograph on CD or DVD. The print out must be at least 10 cm x 15 cm (4 in x 6 in) and no larger than 25 cm x 30 cm (10 in x 12 in). The entrant’s name and category should be clearly marked on the back of each print. The CD or DVD must be clearly marked for easy identification with the appropriate entry form.
  4. The declaration attesting to the fact that there was no addition or suppression of any part of the digital image from the original must be signed on the entry form.
  5. The caption must be typed double-spaced and be between 100 and 200 words in length.
  6. The closing date for entries is May 4. Entries received after this date may not be considered by the judges.
  7. Copyright of the entry remains with the photographer and/or his or her employers. The organisers reserve the right:
    • to reproduce selected entries without payment as part of an Art of Physics Exhibition or as a cover for the CAP’s publication “Physics in Canada”.
    • to use the said selected entries for publicity purposes for the competition in future years.
    • to use said selected entries for educational purposes and in advancing the public understanding of science. This may include publication in collected form or in postcard form.
    • Reference will be made to the originators of the entry in all cases. Reproduction of said entries by other than the organisers, and/or for purposes other than as stated in (i) to (iii) above will require permission from the originator who will be entitled to a reproduction fee.
  8. Prints, negatives, and CDs/DVDs of winning and said selected entries will remain the property of the Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP).
  9. Should there be insufficient entries for any given competition, the Canadian Association of Physicists reserves the right to cancel the competition for that year and hold the entries for consideration in the next available competition year. Entrants will be notified in the event of such an occurrence.
  10. While every care will be taken of the entries while in the possession of the organisers, we cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage. Entrants enter at their own risk.
  11. Each entry will be judged on both the caption and the photograph.
  12. By entering this competition, all entrants agree to be bound by the rules.
  13. Employees of CAP, members of the judging panel, and sponsors are ineligible for entry.
  14. Entries should be sent to:

Art of Physics Competition

Canadian Association of Physicists

555 King Edward Avenue

3rd Floor

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

K1N 7N5