Lloyd G. Elliott University Prize Exam

The CAP University Prize Examination, normally held in February or March of each year, is a national competition open to students across the country who are studying physics and are enrolled in an undergraduate program at the time of the examination. All eligible students are encouraged to participate.

In 2021, the CAP Foundation is pleased to provide the following prizes*:

  • First prize, the Lloyd G. Elliott Prize – $500
  • Second prize – $300
  • Third prize – $200

In addition, when the CAP Congress is held in person, prize winners who attend the CAP annual Congress will be presented with their award during the annual award ceremony at the end of Congress.

Donations to support the work of the CAP Foundation are always welcome and tax receipts are issued.

*Prizes must be claimed within two (2) years of their issuance.

2021 Prize Exam

Date of Exam:  Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Time:  1 pm EST  (see table below for regional times)

Location of Exam:  online

REGISTER NOW for the March 9th University prize exam for undergraduate physics students

Registration Process (please ensure this process is completed by 9 am EST on Tuesday March 9th so any problems can be resolved prior to the start of exam)

  • Send an e-mail to the national coordinator, Christine Kraus, PhD (tine@snolab.ca), asking to be registered for the exam.
  • After sending your e-mail, the national coordinator will register you for the exam (these will be entered once a day with all requests received on Monday March 8th by 5pm EST processed that evening)
  • You will receive an e-mail from CrowdMark with a link to create your account  (remember to check your spam periodically if the message does not appear in your inbox)
  • Once you create your account, there will be a registration form to complete (it is important to complete this form prior to the start of the exam so the full 3 hrs is available for answering the exam questions)
  • You  will also have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the system and run a test upload
  • Send an e-mail immediately to tine@snolab.ca if you haven’t received the confirmation e-mail by 9 am EST Tuesday March 9th, or if you encounter any problems with completing these registration steps

Exam Day:

  • An hour before the exam start time, please make sure you have paper and pen/pencil handy as well as a means to upload your pages either as a photograph or scanned pdf file.
  • Calculators are also permitted.  Academic integrity rules apply; all responses should be your original work only.
  • If you wish, write your name, affiliation, and e-mail in the top left corner of several of your response pages.  Then add the question number to the sheet as you start each question of the exam.  NOTE:  Each new question MUST be started on a separate sheet of paper.  If you have used more than one page for a question, please also note “page 1 of 2”, “page 2 of 2” beside the question number.
  • Log in to Crowdmark at 12:45 pm EST
  • At 1 pm EST (see schedule below for other time zones) the exam will become available on the site, in both English and French.  Select the language of your choice.
  • You will have 3 hours and 15 minutes to complete the exam AND upload all of your response pages.    Please make sure each page includes your name, institution, e-mail and the question number at the top of the sheet and, if applicable “page 1 of #”.

The examination will be held on Tuesday, March 9, 2021, at the following times:

2:30pm – Nfld

2pm – Atlantic

1pm – Eastern

12pm – Central

11am – Mountain

10am – Pacific

The students were allowed three hours to write the exam. Calculators are permitted.

2020 CAP University Prize Exam Results

It has recently come to the attention of the National University Prize Exam coordinator that the University Prize exam results were incomplete.  The Committee is in the process of marking the missing exams.  The full results should be available by end of January at the latest.

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