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Physics Careers Jobs
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Canadian Association of Physics Careers and Jobs Dr. Davis Earle, a particle astrophysicist from AECL, rides a bos'n chair into SNO's 12 meter diameter acrylic vessel, on an inspection tour at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory.

Physics Careers Jobs Physics Careers Jobs Physics Careers Jobs Physics Careers Jobs Physics Careers Jobs

So you enjoy physics, but don't know where studying physics will lead you? You really enjoy thinking about problems and you ask lots of questions, but you don't know how this can be useful in the Real World?

Despite popular belief, physics graduates are actually highly sought after employees. A physics education emphasizes problem solving and abstract thinking and this training makes physics graduates very desirable employees in a wide variety of areas including education, finance, and journalism. These fundamental skills as well as training in practical subjects such as optics, lasers, computer interfacing, image processing and electronics also make them very desirable employees in high tech companies.

Explore these pages to discover the wide range of challenging careers open to people who study physics. Take a look at some of the exciting opportunities that are open to today's physics students. And then expand your horizons by pursuing a degree in physics!

physics jobs employment
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physics jobs employment
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